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Camping near Castle of Brézé

Visit Château de Brézé

Visit us during your cabin stay at Flower Camping l’Île d’Offard the famous Château de Brézé . Built between the 11th and 19th centuries Château de Brézé boasts an extraordinary extraordinary underground network . From the former seigniorial residence and stables to the drawbridge, discover a covered walkway, a silkworm nursery, kitchens, cellars and huge wine presses. More than a kilometer of trails await you.

Just 15 km from your campsite, you’ll find a castle that will arouse your curiosity. Listed as a historical monuments Château de Brézé boasts a wealth of rich architectural heritage and a network of galleries carved out of the tufa stone. Don’t miss out on with your partner or family discover its underground fortress .

The Château de Brézé offers a variety of guided tours with the possibility of a tasting if you wish. It also offers you the opportunity to try your hand at boule de fort a a Saumur tradition akin to pétanque .

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Things to do in Brézé

For even more original vacations camping near Château de Brézé choose a pony ride or take part in one of the many events on offer. Book your stay at our campsite and enjoy themed events throughout the year: Heritage Day Christmas market, Halloween and egg hunts. Get away from it all camping holiday near Château de Brézé full of memories.

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Campsite 20 minutes from Château de Brézé

Enjoy a stay in a charming campsite cosy campsite by booking your accommodation at our campsite near Château de Brézé . We offer you quality service and facilities tailored to your every need, for a worry-free stay.
If you want to organize a special event, choose our campsite for an exceptional exceptional moment at Château de Brézé . In addition to the Château de Saumur, there’s another equally intriguing and sumptuous château. Immerse yourself in the history of this listed monument just 20 minutes from the l’Île d’Offard campsite.