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Spend a day at the Doué la Fontaine Zoo

Discover the Biopark

Stay in a cabane sur pilotis or in a luxury mobile home at our campsite on the Ile d’Offard and discover almost 70 animal species from the North Pole to Bengal. Visit Doué-la-Fontaine Biopark in Anjou, nicknamed the park of life is a place where man meets nature. You can admire penguins, tigers, rhinos, vultures and red pandas. The animals are placed in their natural habitat in an atmosphere evocative of their native lands.

The Biopark aims to raise awareness of endangered species all too often due to human action. Several representatives of endangered natural habitats are present in the park and live in a place where there is respect and sharing . Make the most stay in Saumur to visit the Val-de-Loire Biopark . Here no animals are trained and all shows are privileged moments where you can admire admire the animals’ hunting habits hunting and other activities.

The Doué-la-Fontaine Biopark boasts a unique feature: its troglodyte setting. troglodytic setting . Vestige of ancient falun quarries its site offers an immediate incursion into the heart of waterfalls punctuated by lush vegetation . Visit Bioparc has been awarded the Qualité Tourisme by the French government, guaranteeing you an establishment quality and service quality .

Giraffe Bioparc

Camping 24 min from Bioparc

Only 25 km from the campsite near the Bioparc enjoy a family excursion for a a holiday of discovery and a change of scenery. Your children will have great fun admiring the wildlife and will be fascinated by the rare animals rare animals of the Biopark. A lasting memory for this must-do outing and fun and educational during your camping holiday near the Bioparc .